services2At North Canton Computers we put you first.  Whether it is a run-of-the-mill virus cleanup or recovering those priceless family photographs, North Canton Computers has the technological solutions you are looking for – locally.  We know your time is valuable,  that’s why we offer free drop-off and pickup services* within the city limits.  We even make house calls for all your computing needs.  We strive for your satisfaction with prompt timely service, a thorough 21-point inspection, and quality professional care.

 What You Need:
What North Canton Computers Offers:
Got a Windows based PC or an Apple Macintosh that needs a little work?
Our certified technicians can assist you in getting it up and running in no time flat.  From a Blue Screen of Death to iCloud setup, we can do it.


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Virus got you bogged down?  Malware slowing you up?  Long boot times, pop-ups, fake anti-virus programs, tool bars, corrupt operating system, or a host of other issues that affect Windows-based PCs?
Our 21-Point Inspection puts your PC through its paces, eliminates the root of your issues, and ensures they are gone – guaranteed. 


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Don’t hassle unhooking that desktop or bagging up the laptop…
In addition to our Free Drop-off and Pickup service, we make house calls with reasonable fees.


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Confused about the “cloud” and how it best works for you?
Don’t know how iCloud backs up and syncs your data?  We can help untangle the cloud and make it work for you.


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Setting up wifi for the first time?  Want to print wirelessly?  Want your computers to talk to one another?
 North Canton Computers can establish a high speed, secure, wireless network in your home with ease.  That way you can access all your devices with ease and without the cords.wifiModem-icon  See Pricing
Have a quick question?  Maybe an all-day task? Don’t want to leave your computer?  We can help with that.
 North Canton Computers offers a low-cost remote assistance system so we can virtually assist your needs.callcenter  See Pricing
iPad, iPhone, iPod or any other tablet – we can help.

iThis and iThat can be confusing.  We have help you make it work for you.


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