Biz Solutions

Business Solutions

North Canton offers many solutions for your computer needs at your place of business.  Below are some of the services that we offer. Please contact us with any questions or to inquire about our services.  Actions-help-about-icon




Network Solutions

Adding a new computer to an existing network infrastructure?  Need to close a loophole in your system?

We are trained and certified to handle most complex business networks out there. We will review your network layout and patch any weaknesses or remedy any arising situation.

Home & Small Business Local Backup Storage Solutions


Network Wiring Needs

Got a ball of wires?  Messy cords everywhere?  Don’t know which is which?

North Canton Computers offers a wiring services for all offices and homes alike.  We can assist you in organizing or moving your existing framework – or install new lines throughout your facility.  Ethernet or cable, wall-mounted jacks, and more.

Call us for a free estimate for your business or home.

North Canton Computers offers a low-cost, local backup solution for your home or office – it’ll even fit inside an existing network.
 Remote Access
Want Remote Access to work while you are away from the office?  Want remote assistance for troubleshooting when you get stuck?

North Canton Computers can has the technology to login and support your home or business immediately from our office. Your computer screen will become our computer screen as we quickly assess and solve issues.

We can also link you up in the same manner for all your work-from-home needs.



Your data can never be too safe.